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This morning on the popular Dr. Laura radio show, listened to by 10 million people, a woman called to say that a friend of hers had just told her that she was having sexual contact with the local priest, which consisted of fondling and kissing. Some of Dr. Laura's replies:

"A priest who breaches trust in such a manner needs to be dealt with. She used this term "breach of trust" repeatedly in the discussion to describe the priest's actions.

She stated the woman should go first to the priest himself, and give him two days to get back on track and face the situation, and if he refused or didn't, then go to the Bishop with the story.

She stated that by confronting him, she would be helping him, as he had obviously lost his center, and needed to get back on track with his vocation.

She said that whether or not one agreed with the concept of celibacy for priests or not was irrelevant. He had taken the vows and thus had a moral responsibility to live the message.

She felt that by his hypocritical actions he would be responsible for any loss of faith or damaged sense of trust that might occur, as a result of people becoming aware of the situation.

Dr. Laura also stated repeatedly that the priest was using her friend, and that "it was wrong".