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Ananda has no official written policy on sexual harassment, as such:

The following is from the Palo Alto Weekly, 2-28-96:

"Ananda does not have a sexual harassment code or policy here or in Nevada City. And no one in the Palo Alto congregation is suggesting they adopt one either, said Ananda minister Praver."

"We have nothing here related to that," Praver said. "People feel there has been nothing that would
concern them or create an issue for that."

"We all support Swami," said Mary Bicknell. "People being harassed by this church, I mean, it's kind of funny. Everyone here respects everyone from where they are coming. It's just not part of the culture here at all."

However, in his booklet, "Gurus, Spiritual Authority, and Celibacy", Mr. Walters does state the need for women to have guidelines for behavior, in how to relate properly to a "swami":

"Women here, (in the West) even if they respect the ideal of renunciation, have yet to learn how to relate to swamis in the impersonal way women are accustomed to do in India. What is lacking is guidelines of behavior. It is not surprising that the swamis, altogether unprepared for what they find here, find themselves tempted."