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Ministerial Discipline/Rehabilitation

When a minister in standing with the Christian Church of Northern California-Nevada (Disciples of Christ) is determined to be in violation of the CCNC-N's policies on Clergy Misconduct and Ethics, the following action will be taken by the Area of Pastoral Care and Leadership through its comminee on Recognition and Standing:

1. Standing will be withdrawn for a MINIMUM of two years.

Withdrawal of standing means that the clergy person will no longer be listed in official publications as having standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), will lose the privilege of having information circulated for a potential call to a ministerial position, and will not be able to represent his or herself as one having standing while performing ministerial function.

If the clergy person desires to work toward reinstatement of standing this period should be used for:

a. Examination of the personal and theological basis for call to the ministry.

b. Personal rehabilitation.

c. Work with a clergy mentor.

2. Reinstatement to standing MAY BE REOUESTED following the above period of time.

The committee on Recognition and Standing may reinstate standing if the following conditions are met:

a. Evidence of rehabiiitation. (This could include the waiver of therapeutic/legal confidentiality for this specific purpose.)

b. Evidence of the ability and the willingness to participate in congregational life.

c. Evaluation of the basis for call to the ministry, including concept of ministry paper.

d. Agreement to monitoring.

e. Agreement to disclose and have denominationai execuyives disclose, to prospective sites of ministry the incident or incidents that led to the withdrawal of standing.

3. Appeal of the decision of the Recognition and Standing Committee can be made through the following due process:

a. Area of Pastoral Care and Leadership

b. Board of Directors of the Christian Church of Northern California-Nevada

c. Committee on Ministry of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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