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More excerpts from the U.S. Army sex abuse investigation:

From USA Today:

"The Pentagon is expanding to all four services it's crackdown on sexual harassment less than a week after the Army disclosed a series of rapes and abuse at a Maryland training camp."

"The Navy, Marines, and Air Force have been ordered, with the Army, to show how they enforce a 'zero tolerance' policy at all levels of command."

"The goal is to 'make sure there is not some problem there that could cause the sort of issue...that we saw in the Army,' said Defense Secratary William Perry."

"The Army last Thursday anounced that a drill sereant and a captain at it's Aberdeeen. Md., training
school were charged with rape for coercing sex from female privates."

"Army chief of staff Dennis Reimer says he expects more cases. An Army sex abuse hot line has logged 200 plus complaints or tips since last week. 'We're going to run every one of these down,' he said.

"Perry, in Washington, and Reimer, in Boston, both said there was no leniency toward sexual harassment. "Not only is it morally wrong, they said, but it reflects poorly on the chain of command."

From the Washington Post:

"...Taylor, 28, recieved a bad -conduct discharge and a five -month prison sentence yesterday, becoming the first of the soldiers caught in the Armyís widening investigation into sexual misconduct to face court-martial. He also had sexual relations with three other trainees."

"Taylor, divorced father of a 7 year old son, pleaded guilty Thursday to seven counts of violating Army regulations governing conduct of drill instructours, and faced a maximum prison term of 14 years."

"In a sentenceing hearing yesterday begore Colonel Gregory Varo, the presiding judge, Taylor apologized fro his begavior."

"I was wrong," he said in a soft voice. " I let my fellow drill instructors down. I let my soldiers down. I let the Army down."

"...Army officials acknowledged yesterday that, had Taylor been a civilian, his behaviour, although
morally questionable, would not have been a crime. His admitted personal relationships with five female trainees, including sexual relations with three of them, were consensual and involved no threats or violence, officials said."

(Editors note; The Army has stated previously that " there can be no such thing as consensual sex with a drill instructor because of the unequal power balance.")

"But one of Taylor's accusers, 19 year old Angelia Shirley, the punishment was not severe enough. "I'm not satisfied with the sentence," she said after the court-martial. "It's not enough time for what he did to me and the others. I don't hate Taylor-he's still a human being-but I hate what he did. I hate everything he stands for. He has no integrity."