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Legal Issues
  • The 7-15-97 motion of Attorney Ford Greene; Includes; descriptions of Walter's admissions under
         oath to sexual activity with followers, and how it relates to Ananda's tax exempt status.
  • High Contrast: Excerpts from Ford Greene's motion followed by samples of Ananda's public and
         private denials over the last several years. Includes excerpts from the Grass Valley/Nevada city
         Union, the Palo Alto Weekly, and Ananda attorney Jon Parson's and leader Jyotish Novak's letter to the Ananda community.
  • Declaration of J. M. A one time confidant to some of Ananda's top leaders, including Mr.Walters
         himself, J M tells of her gradual discovery and shock at what she found in the "inner circle".
  • Declaration of N.E. One woman's personal story of what she experienced after joining Ananda, and
         why she left.
  • Declarations of Expert Witnesses in the sexual abuse lawsuit:
  • Declaration of Janja Lalich: From her experience as a cult information specialist and counselor, and
         using examples and documentation from Ananda's own literature, Ms. Lalich offered the court this
         detailed analysis of Ananda church doctrine and community dynamics.
  • Declaration of Pamela Cooper White: Episcopal Priest, Harvard graduate and nationally recognized
         expert on the issue of clergy sexual abuse, this powerful document is White's clinical analysis of the
         sexual abuse allegations against both J. Donald Walters and the Ananda church. This is the expert
         witness Ananda tried to block from the trial.