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World Brotherhood Community or Dictatorship?

Chart of the Flow of Authority at Ananda Village/Church

          World Brotherhood Community or Dictatorship?

 Step 1

Kriyananda gets an "inspiration" and "envisions" a new program.

   Step 2

Kriyananda's wishes are communicated to his top ministers.

    Step 3

At the very top levels the senior ministers decide how Kriyananda's wish is to be implemented.

     Step 4

The next level of community leaders are informed of the "new direction" and how to present it to the

     Step 5

The general populace of Ananda is officially informed about the program and what direction it will take, what it means to the community and how to respond to "outsiders" if necessary.

    Step 6

Community meetings are called to "discuss" the new direction and get community "input." At this point it is understood by eveyone that the program is under way and to question it would be to indicate that you are "out of tune." Any discussion groups are convened after the decision is a "fete accompli" with the discussion focusing on points of implementation rather than whether the new program is viable or wanted.
I do not recall a single instance where a decision made by Kriyananda was not implemented because the community did not endorse it. As you will notice, the "community discussion" aspect of decisions is not initiated until the last step. The "discussions" are used more as a way for the leaders of Ananda to distill out those who "are not in tune with Swami" than to initiate true questions and answers.

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