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Ways Kriyananda Maintains Authority Over All Aspects of Community Life

Only those who are "in tune" with him are allowed into positions of leadership and power. Attunement means believing swami can do no wrong and following him blindly. Attunement with Swami is equated with attunement with God. The rank and file are controlled by the leadership through guilt and fear. Although swami himself never tells anyone what to do, he withholds his attention, affection, and approval from those who fail to follow his "suggestions". His suggestions cover every area of community life, goals and objectives, organization, architecture, etc. It was his idea to incorporate as a township, live in housing clusters, communize our personal assets, etc.

Once labeled "out of tune", one is marginalized, shunned, and ostracized. ---- once told me: "I have learned that to doubt Swami is not to love him. " ---- told me: "I would gain more by following Swami into a ditch than by trying to develop my own discrimination." I was told by both * and * "Who are you to question Swami?"

Kriyananda got his hooks into me by acting very sweet, loving, and humble. I loved him because he was so sweet and kind to me. It becomes very difficult to believe anyone so sweet and self-sacrificing would have a desire for power or control, or that he could be dishonest or deceptive in any way. It took several years before I saw through his act. Most never became suspicious because of their deep need for acceptance and approval by the group. Peer pressure kept everyone in line.

Kriyananda controlled by appearing self-sacrificing, vulnerable, and eliciting sympathy. He told us repeatedly: "I'm working so hard for all of you, I'm so exhausted- my health is suffering. I'm giving my life for you."

The community response was always "Poor Swami, we have to do more to help you."

Kriyananda controlled us by instilling in us delusions of grandeur. We were going to save the world. Wonderful new concepts of living could flow out to the world from Ananda's living example of Master's World Brotherhood Colony.

Kriyananda cannot accept criticism of any kind. I once wrote and article in a community news letter giving a negative opinion of his design for a building. He told me: "I'm concerned about you. I think you are being influenced by dark astral entities.

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