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Newspaper articles about Ananda and the sexual abuse lawsuit

"Is The Union the swami's new ally?
By Michael J. Flynn and Ford Greene. The Grass Valley/Nevada City "Union" 9-19-98

2-28-98: San Jose Mercury News: "Ananda Church Leader Resigns"  
By Deborah Kong, staff writer.

Palo Alto Weekly: "Ananda Church founder takes the stand"  
Dec. 5, 1997. By Vicky Anning Update on the trial.

Palo Alto Weekly, "The Search for Truth at Ananda",  
by Erik Espe This biweekly newsmagazine featured Ananda as it's cover story on Wednesday, February 28, 1996.

San Jose Metro, "Sex Gods" by Rick Sine From the November 27-December 4, 1996 issue of the"Metro"; reporter Rick Sine offers his readers a personal perspective, as well as information on theallegations against the Ananda church.

Grass Valley/Nevada City Union, "Ananda Leader's Celibacy at Issue" by Will Holbert VeteranAnanda reporter Will Holbert covers the latest in this front page story, from Ananda's own home town newspaper. Friday, July 18, 1997.The first newspaper to report on Mr. Walters admissions under oath to sexual activity with his followers.

Sacramento Bee, "Sexual harassment suit rocks spiritual movement" by Wayne Wilson One of
California's largest newspapers did this front page write up for it's readers on Wednesday, August
13, 1997.

Sacramento Bee "Church-financed trash raid disrupts sex-abuse lawsuit" By Wayne Wilson Bee
Staff Writer (Published Nov. 2, 1997)

Sacramento Bee "Ananda is punished by judge: Unrefuted testimony against church leader will be
 allowed in suit" By Wayne Wilson Bee Staff Writer (Published Nov. 4, 1997)

The Union: "Ananda set back by judge: Ruling punishes search in trash" By Will Holbert- Tuesday,
Nov 4, 1997

The Union: "Claims fly as Ananda case goes to court; pamphlet bombing revealed" By Will Holbert -
Thursday, Nov 6, 1997.

The Union: "Ananda Portrayed as Victim, Cult" By Will Holbert. Tuesday, Nov.11, 1997.

San Francisco Chronicle "Swami denies abuse charges, admits 'mistakes" Dec. 3, 1997. By Benjamin Pimentel, Staff Writer.

Ananda Church Sex Case Goes to Jury: 1-29-98 By Minal Hajratwala, with Deborah Kong

San Jose Mercury News 2-06-98: Woman Wins Ananda Suit Sex-abuse Trial: By Deborah Kong

San Jose Mercury News 12-14-97: By Sam Diaz, with Deborah Kong. A detailed look at some of
the trial testimony and background.

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