These documents are the certified results and assorted verification concerning Genetics Technologies DNA tests to determine paternity of Benjamin Erskine.

About DNA testing and Y-chromosome analysis 

Ghosh family lineage chart

Signed Certificates of Analysis and results:

Y-chromosome analysis comparing Benjamin Erskine with Biswanath Ghosh

Standard DNA analysis comparing Benjamin Erskine with Rheka Paul, Surama Mitra and Biswanath Ghosh

Additional documentation:

Notorized statement of Sri Biswanath Ghosh

Sri Biswanath Ghosh ID

Notorized statement of Smt. Rekha Paul

Notorized statement of Dr. R.N. Ghosh

Letter of Dr. R.N. Ghosh

Signed statement of Ronald L. Eisele

Shipping invoice: Ronald L. Eisele

Blue Dart Express shipping invoice


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