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Because standard DNA tests may be less accurate when a relative, rather than the actual father, provides samples, a further "Y-chromosome" analysis can be done using male relatives of the alleged father to provide absolute certainty of parentage.

On Tuesday, July 24, 2001, Mr. Kent Harman, President of Genetic Technologies, the laboratory involved in this case, was queried about the accuracy of Y-chromosme analysis:

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Subject: Re: Questions on DNA testing 

Mr. Harman,

How certain are the results of Y-chromosome analysis with a male relative, such as a nephew of the alleged father? Does it come up to the same level of legal certainty as testing the actual alleged father? Or is itsimply a high statistical probability?


Mr. Harman replied:

Dear Madam or Sir,

The Y-chromosome is identically throughout the male lineage...the typically probability of paternal relatedness is 99.997%. Conversely, if the Y-chromosome differs between the tested males they do not (100% assured) share the same paternal lineage.

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