The pattern repeats itself- now in Europe. Wanting a safe forum to present their views

European devotees have submitted the following for your consideration.


Having spent several years reading and analyzing thousands of questions and doubts, we are now able to

write you with the necessary clarity of soul and mind.We'd prefer to talk to you looking you squarely in

the eyes, but we know only too well that if we did so, you'd prosecute us just because we like to talk

to people.


The facts we're going to talk about are now public information, available to anyone,

in public courts. Therefore, we simply use our right to speak out, perfectly aware that we're

talking to people we know very well, with whom we once shared choices and purposes

First of all, we'd like to remark that legal actions are not pertinent in the spiritual world and we invite

you all to listen in peace. Who we are is not important. What is important is to help Kriyananda

understand that the time has come to admit to his responsibilities vis-a`-vis the charges

leveled against him in and out of the courts. We know that many people at Ananda were not directly

involved but still blindly support him without a) knowing the facts or b) denial and inaction once these

facts are known.


Kriyananda, how long do you intend to continue to declare that everybody is against you? You say that

Tara Mata, Daya Mata and the entire SRF organization are against you and yet you have done no wrong!

You're just a poor monk, living only to serve our Guru!


We don't agree with the way you're misrepresenting the truth.


While it's true that nowadays we blame you, there was a time when we appreciated you, worked for

you and supported you. Yet you now say that we're wrong and nasty and that you've always been an

honest man! Remember that many of us have trusted you and your promise for a life in the light serving

the Gurus... but what have we got now? You are the one destroying your community, not outside forces.


Those among us, German, American, and Italian, who know you well are perfectly aware

that many of your initiatives are to increase your own fame, not that of the Gurus.

Perhaps this is why they haven't been so successful. Of course, you say you've brought many souls to

Yogananda and there's some, like Asha Praver, who say that without you, many would have been left

without guidance! This is not the truth-the truth is that you have misguided many.


The truth is that you were "invited to leave" SRF for some of the same reasons for which you were

brought to court-sexual activities with female devotees in an environment in which you should have

worked only for our Guru


And now your faithful ones tell us that falling is a human matter, and that we should not be hurt by

this. Don't you think the example you set for your followers is important? Are they happy to know that

you're not in tune with your vows and out of tune with Yogananda's wish for your spiritual unfoldment?


At this point, instead of admitting your mistakes, what do you do? You focus on Tara Mata, Daya Mata

and others as the "culprits" responsible for your misfortunes and make false statements against them in an

effort to make them appear as "unreliable voices".


What is your answer to the female devotees whose confidence and trust you've abused? Are you really

sure they were happy to give you pleasure? In exchange for what-spiritual "evolution"?


There are answers we want to hear from you, instead of so many rationalizations and excuses on your

website. Maybe if you did, at last, give us an answer, perhaps we could start believing and trusting you

again. After all, anybody can make mistakes, and you are no exception.


Be aware of the fact that people living in your community are not happy. They work for token

pay; they give all the money to the community, and are often left with nothing of

their own. They are forced to silence if they don't want to be thrown out of the system you have

structured... much poorer than when they walked in with no reward or pay. Is this the way to" stay

away from worldly attachments"? What's the difference then, between your system and that of

Scientology or Hare Krishna's? Please give a public answer to these questions.


How about people living and working in your community? What rights do they

have to really express their opinions, their discomforts? What rights do they have and what kind of

guarantees do you offer?


Ananda today is a community managed by a few individuals who travel, enjoy life and go on

holidays at the expense of those who work for free. In the "real world" this is called oligarchy.

Is this the type of spiritual socialism Yogananda wished for the "new world"?


The community is situated in one of the most appealing natural sites-it's like a beautiful postcard-but what

will happen when you're gone (if you don't bankrupt it first, of course)? What future will come to

residents without your "fatherly voice"? We can easily imagine that your faithful will take care of



Why did you go to Italy, if you're a free man, as you say? Why don't you go

back to the States and help pay the damages and heal the pain caused by your misbehavior?


Your community sells postcards, music, pictures, books and much more nonsense with the image of

our Master, making a lot of money from it, and with it promoting the community.

You are not "modestly serving the Guru" in silence and prayer, as many others do. You are managing a

commercial company based on resources you do not legitimately own. Instead a "World Brotherhood

Community" should be concentrating on living the actual teachings. Your interpretation

"'ve got a great work to do" is very forced and out of Master's attunement. Why should we

follow you? Who are you to tell us what is Master's will? Are you called to openly fight against

Yoganananda's organization in order to get the right to do their work instead?

We think you are not that important. Many other monks and nuns, greater than you, with more years of

humble service, are silently working in SRF-not for the organization's sake-but for the devotees of the



Frankly, we don't think the way you have done communities (creating conflict with fellow disciples,

permitting people to live in fear and putting yourself above the Guru and his teachings) is in tune with

with Master's vision of World Brotherhood Communities.


More and more people now understand the reasons you persist in commenting on alleged omissions

and changes in the original texts, but Yogananda's teachings are tied to SRF, not Ananda. What are you

trying to do? Compete with Yogananda's will and replace his teachings with your own? You must

realize that you cannot destroy the trust of people in SRF. In the collective soul, SRF is Master's

chosen organization.


Finally, let's talk for a minute about all your arguments espoused ever since your expulsion from SRF.

Please stop! We can't stand it anymore-everyone knows the truth by now! SRF had to make a

painful decision about you, and they did. Then they had to defend themselves from your attacks and

public statements, aimed at trying to force them to admit responsibilities and mistakes that are, indeed,

yours alone. It's obvious that no peace or dialogue is possible under these circumstances. You should

admit what you are and what you did. SRF may not be perfect but it never strayed from the path

of serving Yogananda faithfully,according to his high ideals. Can you say the same?

Yogananda devotees all over the world are sick and tired of all these pathetic and humiliating arguments.

Please stop. The entire world is watching you bring disgrace and embarrassment to the Master's legacy.


The light of Kriya is needed more than ever now, because the world is in danger and this precious gift

should serve all mankind-not your personal purposes.


Please stop the conflict. Please find a way to work in order to serve God. Please once and for all give up

your grandiose delusions, which create terrible conflict within Master's family.


Do this before it's too late, before hate among brothers starts reproducing itself in a hopeless chain. It's

already begun but you can help stop it- it's your choice!